About Us

Since the origin of Food & Nature (Pvt) Ltd, we have been the pioneers of the Sri Lankan Herbal Tea industry sharing nature's herbal goodness with the entire world. We are the proud owners of the indigenous herbal knowledge that has been inherited from generation to generation, propounded by the forefathers of Sri Lankan indigenous medicine such as King Ravana, Pulasthi Rishi and King Buddhadasa.

Sri Lanka is a country which has a vast history of medicinal plants usage for almost over six thousand years, and about two hundred endemic species are found in the country. We are also equipped with the valuable wisdom of herbal medicine for preventive as well as curative aspects. The medicinal values of these plants were well recognized and established even during the earliest historical period of Sri Lanka.

Food & Nature (Pvt) Ltd under the brand name "Fadna" is presently manufacturing, marketing and exporting many varieties of Herbal Tea in convenient tea bags form, both locally and internationally "Fadna" Herbal Tea are manufactured without preservatives, artificial flavors or colors. The products are packaged in compatibility with international standards and the factory has obtained HACCP and ISO 9001:2000 certifications. Food & Nature (Pvt) Ltd is a company certified and awarded for general principles of food hygiene by the GMP System.

The Company has also been certified by the Department of Ayurveda of the Ministry of Indigenous Medicine of Sri Lanka. Importantly, the Department of Ayurveda confirms that these herbal teas produced by Food and Nature (Pvt) Ltd can be consumed without prescription and is suitable for general use. Dr. D. B. T. Wijeratne a foremost food scientist in Sri Lanka provides the product technology to the Company.

Food & Nature (Pvt) Ltd carried out various researches to improve and establish the product quality. One such research carried out by the University of Sri Jayawardenepura scientifically proved and certified that Fadna Tea products are in absence of any side effects. That research finding was presented to 5th Asian Congress of Diabetes in 2010 and recently received the award for developing Fadna Diabe Tea which reduces the sugar levels in the blood.