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Our History

Our History
Since the origin of the Fadna company, we have been the pioneers of the Sri Lankan herbal tea industry sharing nature’s herbal goodness with the entire world. We are the proud owners of the indigenous herbal knowledge that has been inherited from generation to generation profounded by forefathers of Sri Lankan indigenous medicine such as king Ravana, Pulasthi Rishi and king Buddhadasa.

Sri Lanka is a country which has a vast history of medicinal plants used almost over six thousand years. With about two hundred endemic species, and also the valuable wisdom of herbal medicine for preventive as well as curative aspects. The medicinal values of these plants were well recognized and established even during the eartly historical period of Sri Lanka. This is highlighted by the world’s first well-planned and equipped hospital being built during the reign of king Devanampiyathissa (250 -210 BC) at Mihinthale in Anuradhapura where the treatment was based only on medicinal plants.

Furthermore, we have been preserving this ancient knowledge of Green Gold, whilst also utilizing modern technology to provide optimum efficacy and quality for our customers. It is worthwhile to call Fadna is nature’s natural herbal producer for the nation and for the entire mankind. We are part of this prestigious history because traditional physicians together with modern scientists are regularly formulating, producing and supervising Fadna production.