Redefining Quality of Life

The Institute of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (IBMBB) of University of Colombo takes beauty and wellness standards to new heights with the launch of its range of “QofL” (Quality of Life) brand products. QofL products are backed by years of extensive scientific research and know-how available in Sri Lanka to ensure highest safety and quality standards, combining nature’s goodness with modern technology.

All QofL brand products are developed based on the use of natural ingredients and scientifically proven delivery of product promise to enhance healthy and happy living. With the launch of the newest range of diversified products, QofL transforms this concept into an innovative solution that helps people satisfy the ever-changing needs to live a healthier and happier life.

Covering the three key aspects of wellness, performance enhancement, and beauty, the latest range comprises four products: SATINY, a total hair solution developed by the IBMBB unit; VERNOLAC a therapeutic relief for cancer capsule researched by the IBMBB unit for over last decade; BIO SHAPE, a healthy weight management capsule improved by the IBMBB unit, and ORTHO-SHIELD, a quick and long-lasting pain-relieving lotion.

The partnership with the University of Colombo further strengthens the nexus between industry and academia, giving consumers wider access to resources that help lead an active and happy lifestyle. University of Colombo is one of the leading universities in Sri Lanka renowned for its role in contributing to the growth of national economy and understanding the value of partnering with diverse industries to commercialise research and know-how across the globe. As a revolutionary industry player that aims to promote healthy living within the society by constantly exploring untapped avenues, QofL is the Fadna’s exclusive phase of catering to the beauty and wellness industry that encourages happy and healthy living.