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Energy Tea

Fadna Hasthi Tea

Hasthi Tea includes two traditionally endemic herbs, commonly known as Ashwagandha and Welpenela, that is Aurvedically proven to boost physical and mental stamina. This tea is great for those who work out on a regular basis, as it helps induce healthy weight gain. Moreover, this herbal tea is great to treat body aches and promote libido.

USD 2.79

Fadna Miracle Tea - Moringa

Miracle tea consists with the richness and goodness of the Miraculous herb -Moringa, which is rich with an enormous number of Vitamins and Minerals. This tea is an ideal natural food supplement for those seeking for a natural remedy to obtain your lost nutritional requirements. This flavourful cup of tea can also be used to control anemic conditions, respiratory difficulties and improve skin complexion.

USD 2.79

Fadna Miracle Tea - Moringa with Cinnamon

Miracle tea with Moringa and Cinnamon is a Miracle combination that shares a common property of enhancing mental health while enhancing memory power and controlling mood swings. Moringa and Cinnamon is also a great combination to help control sugar disorders and repair damaged cells; while enhancing healthy cardiovascular function. Consuming this 100% natural tea on a daily basis will help redefine beauty.

USD 2.79

Fadna Miracle Tea - Moringa with Green Tea

Miracle tea- Moringa with green tea is a powerful antioxidant that can clear toxins from the body and maintain the functionality of the body system optimally. This great beauty booster is able to protect the body from free radical damage and inhibit unnatural cell growth. Consuming on a regular basis will reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and increase metabolism.

USD 2.79