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Fadna Green Premium

Green Premium

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Green Tea with Gotukola is a rich source of anti-oxidants, which consists of many nutrients that are vital for enhancing memory power and concentration. This unique combination is also ideal for enhancing collagen production that will result in healthy, glowing skin; while repairing damaged tissues, improving blood circulation, reducing stress and supporting healthy sleep patterns.

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The finest blend of green tea combined with more goodness of Gotukola (Centella asiatica), contributes towards boosting memory power while rejuvenating the body from within. Green-tea which is a powerful anti-oxidant and rich in anti-aging properties, is now given more value through the addition of Gotukola.

Gotukola, which is one of the ‘Miracle elixir of life’ according to Ayurvedic studies have many other health benefits like fastening wound healing process, repairing the structure of damaged tissues and boosting collagen production, which in-turn will improve skins’ health and keep it firm.

Many researches accepted globally have proven Gotukola to be ‘food for the brain’. The reason for it could be stated as; Gotukola being ideal for improving memory power and boosting brains’ activity; which can mitigate the risk of short-term memory loss that is a common problem as you age with time.

Moreover, regular intake of Fadna green tea with Gotukola will support restful sleep patterns, making it the ideal tea supplement for Green Tea lovers.


Centella asiatica, Camellia sinensis

Fadna 96% Achievement

Green tea is famous for increasing the body’s metabolism. This in turn will enhance the fat burning process, while acting as an anti-oxidant that would eliminate impurities stored within the body.

The goodness added from Gotukola will also help maintain the youthful appearance of the skin; as it improves blood circulation and boost collagen production that is responsible for maintaining the tightness of the skin.

Green tea which is best known to prevent heart related diseases are now being enhanced with the richness of Gotukola, that can prevent the formation of blood clots and avoid damage to small blood vessels.

Professionals advice, that its healthy to drink a green tea in the morning or at night before going to bed. Dieticians have further added that having a green tea between meals (i.e., two hours before or after meals) will help maximize digestion.

  • Improve memory power, which in turn will increase intelligence.
  • Boost collagen production that will help to maintain a tighter and firmer skin
  • Regular use rejuvenates the body and skin.
  • Promotes healthy skin and enhances complexion.
  • Detoxifies the body.
  • Improves blood circulation and prevent blood clot formation.
  • Stimulate healthy hair growth.
  • Supports restful sleep.