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Fadna Belimal Herbal Tea

Herbal Tea

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Belimal tea is a traditional drink that is being used to soothe bowel irregularities and improve digestion. Belimal tea can help alleviate fatigue and harmful toxins from the body, which in turn will purify the blood and promote body’s cooling effect.

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Belimal (Aegle marmelos) is a traditional herbal drink used over generations to soothe bowel disorders and rejuvenate the body from within. Ayurvedic studies, consider it as an ideal remedy to improve digestion and treat irritable bowel conditions.

In ancient times sun dried Beli flowers were brewed in hot water and consumed on a daily basis to alleviate fatigue. This process has now been made easier by the provision of this miracle formula in a sachet. Hence, regular usage of this caffeine free herbal drink, would refresh the body after a tiring day of work.

Belimal Tea is a great supplement for regular tea. Hence, this tea could be consumed frequently with no health hazards, as it helps with the safe elimination of toxins and improve skin complexion.

This is being used in Ayurvedic medicine due to its anti-oxidative and anti-cancer properties and is being added to our herbal tea range, for a better tea experience.

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The significant fragrance and long-lasting smell make this tea a wonderful drink that helps cools the system from within. Belimal, is rich in ayurvedic properties, as it is a powerful anti-oxidant with anti-cancer properties. This concoction has been used for years as a medicinal drink and is improved by Fadna, making it available through a tea sachet for your convenience.

This Belimal tea can be consumed as you wish throughout the day, and would be a better supplement than consuming regular tea.

  • Improves digestion.
  • Acts as a remedy for irritable bowel disorders.
  • Blood purification.
  • Cooling effect.
  • Ulcer healing properties.
  • Anti-cancer properties.
  • Frequent use will also help improve skin complexion
  • Relieves indigestion and abdominal distention.
  • Control gastric hyper acidity.