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Lifestyle Tea

Fadna Shape-Up Tea

“Shape-Up” Tea is specially formulated to help achieve your dream figure naturally. It contains 100% pure Ceylon Tea carefully blended with Garcinia Cambogia and spiced up with Vanilla, to give an appetizing taste. This herbal formula has no side effects and can promote the body’s anti-oxidation ability, while controlling excess appetite. The efficacy of this product was proven and published at the Functional Foods Conference 2020 held in California (USA).

USD 4.03

Fadna Tummy Tea

Tummy tea consists of an ancient ayurvedic formula to reduce the bulging effect of the stomach and soothe bowel disorders such as constipation, gastritis, bowel inflammation and irritation that would result in major discomfort. This bowel tonic is ideal for those with larger belly’s, as it inhibits deposition of excess fat and helps with the easy digestion of food.

USD 4.03

Fadna Green Premium

Green Tea with Gotukola is a rich source of anti-oxidants, which consists of many nutrients that are vital for enhancing memory power and concentration. This unique combination is also ideal for enhancing collagen production that will result in healthy, glowing skin; while repairing damaged tissues, improving blood circulation, reducing stress and supporting healthy sleep patterns.

USD 2.49

Fadna Ceylon Cinnamon Tea

The goodness of Ceylon Cinnamon is infused with Tea to give you a delightful experience and is greatly beneficial to control sugar disorders, reduce the risk of heart ailments and promote body heat during cold weathers. Cinnamon tea is also ideal for those suffering with high cholesterol levels, which thereby can control blood clot formation.

USD 2.77