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Fadna Iramusu Tea

Herbal Tea

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Iramusu Tea is a traditional herbal drink which is used to promote body’s cooling effect. Iramusu has been a safe treatment from ancient past to control various skin diseases and has the ability of detoxifying the body, through the easy elimination of toxins through urine.

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Iramusu (Hemidesmus indicus) is a traditional Ayurvedic herb used over generations to promote body’s cooling effect. Its benefits range, from being able to soothe joint aches and pains caused due to arthritis and being a safe treatment for eradicating skin infections.

Ayurvedic science has been mainly using Iramusu in the process of blood purification and to prevent inflammation in the urinary tract. Since, this active ingredient is rich in cooling properties it has been greatly beneficial in improving skin’s health and glow, while detoxifying the body and helping with the easy elimination of toxins through sweat and urine.

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Iramusu herbal tea acts as a diuretic, diaphoretic and a demulcent.

The chemical known as ‘Saponins’ present in Iramusu is commonly used to prevent joint aches; while it is also used to kill certain bacteria that causes skin itchiness.

Hence, drinking Iramusu tea regularly will help balance body heat in tropical climates and would also improve skin complexion and texture, while preventing irritation of the skin. Iramusu also cleanses the system from within and eliminate harmful toxins through sweat and urine.

This product is 100% natural and no side effects have been reported. Therefore, Iramusu tea can be drunk at any time of the day and would be a healthy supplement used during tea time.

  • Promotes body cooing effect from within.
  • Relieves gastric hyper-acidity.
  • Treats various skin conditions arising due to excess body heat such as Eczema and Dermatitis.
  • Anti-microbial properties; as it has been used to treat various infections arising due to bacteria etc.
  • Prevents loss of hair due to body heat.
  • Regular use removes bad breath and body odour.
  • Anti-tumor properties.