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Fadna Ezy Tea

Herbal Tea

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Ezy Tea is designed to reduce the suffering caused by menstrual cramps that arise at the time of shedding. This tea is proven to be effective, as it contains a natural formula to help soothe discomfort and pain in the lower abdomen, without the intake of any artificial drugs. It is also ideal to drink this tea during the menstruation period on a regular basis, as it is useful to improve female reproductive system health. The efficacy of this product was proven and published at the Functional Foods Conference 2020 held in California (USA).

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Ezy tea is an ideal solution for females to reduce suffering from menstrual cramps. Menstrual cramps are developed by the contractions triggered due to the secretion of the prostaglandins hormone in the uterus, at the time of shedding.

Cramping pain in the lower abdomen and menstrual cramps are common signs of discomfort experienced by females during menstruation. The main cause for such experiences could be listed as:  wrong food habits or unhealthy life style practices such as smoking, alcohol consumption etc.

Fadna has developed a 100% natural formula, that can be used instead of a pain killer drug formulated to soothe menstrual pains. Hence, this tea is not only an ideal solution for period pains; but is also an answer for many female reproductive system associated issues, such as infections etc.

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The anti-inflammatory properties in Ezy tea helps soothe the severe pains caused during Menstruation. It further enhances the oxygen supply to the myometrium of the uterus and reduce contractions, which in turn will reduce menstrual pain.

This herbal tea is proven to be effective when drunk every 6 hours of having any signs of menstruation and it is advisable to continue drinking till the menstruation period is over. It is also best to drink this tea every 4 hours of any occurrence of severe menstrual pain. For better results, consume it at the beginning of the period cycle regularly.

  • Reduce menstrual cramp and lower abdominal discomfort.
  • Regulates excessive blood flow.
  • Regulates menstrual cycle.
  • Controls inflammation in the female reproductive system.
  • Nourishes the body from within.
  • Prevent abnormal vaginal discharges.