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Diabetes is becoming a major disease in Sri Lanka. This has become the No 1 non infected disease. According to a recent research 20% of Sri Lankans suffer from diabetes. It has been calculated that around the world 347 million people suffer from diabetes and the saddest part is that the patient without knowing that he is suffering from diabetes comes to know about this disease after a long period of time. It has been estimated that between 5 – 10% of the total healthcare spending of the world is spent on diabetes related conditions. It has been estimated that nearly 80% of the global population with diabetes live in developing countries.
  • Diabetes is seen as a cause for many diseases and can be equated to a silent enemy.
  • Diabetes has been the root cause for over a million who lose their legs.
  • 10% to 20% of diabetic patients lose their lives as a result of kidney failure.
  • Over a 50% of diabetic patients suffer heart attacks and paralytic situations.
  • As a result of diabetes, 2.5% go totally blind.

Recent data discloses that diabetes is not age related and drastic result is experienced after a lapse of time. 8.6% diabetic patients range between 16-30 age groups while 44% to 85% sufferers are between the age groups 31-45. Although various steps have been taken in Sri Lanka for the management of diabetes, such steps have proven futile and have reached epidemic proportions.

The most important activity is to manage diabetes. A national program to prevent and control the disease has been considered imminent. Most Sri Lankans who are unaware of the silent disease within them continue with their usual intake of food thus being voluntarily drawn in. Diabetic education focuses on ways to incorporate disease management principles into a daily life style.

Example:- Annually an urban citizen of Sri Lanka consumes up to 35kg to 300kg of wheat flour and 50kg of white sugar.

In the light of these alarming statistics “Food & Nature (Pvt) Ltd” is a company in the forefront with the objective of launching the program titled “Manage Diabetes – Keeping up with your active life style” to bring about an awareness amongst the diabetic patients.

Launch Arunella

Planning to organize a Medical camp island wide as a national event together with a leading media campaign. The main objective of the program is being targeted on opinion leaders to convey the message, “Managing Diabetes amongst the society. For this purpose Fadna Arunella Clinics has to be conducted in selected areas Island-wide.
  • Conducting seminars and lectures to educate the general public by highly qualified Academics.
  • All patients who would be attending the clinic will be facilitated by qualified medical practitioners, who will be providing free tests on blood sugar levels, high blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
  • Specialist medical advice will be given free to any diabetic patient who shows interest in his/her ailment.
  • In appreciation of the participation a draw will be held to give away early bird gifts to a limited number of participants.